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In one sentence, describe what is wrong with the five responses below to the interview question, “Can you tell me about your work experience at [employer]"?”

  • “As a volunteer intern, I acquired skills in time-management, organization and collaborating in the context of a large team.” (intern)

  • “I honed my leadership skills and complex problem-solving skills as an associate director of a major not-for-profit organization that has more than 50 locations around the globe.” (nonprofit employee)

  • “I significantly enhanced my research skills as a research assistant to X professor, a University Professor known for his research on stem cell biology.”

  • “I was able to get lots of practical litigation experience as a paralegal at Garner Law Firm and I believe that will help me to contribute significantly to Simpson & Lessing’s practice.” (paralegal)

  • “During my time at Deloitte, I gained solid experience in corporate finance and tax law issues which helped me develop a strong understanding of client needs.” (accountant)

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